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Dr. Radha Deshpande Nair has graduated in Dental Surgery from the Maharashtra University. Following that, she completed her Post-Graduate Program in Aesthetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation from New York University.

She is a life member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Having versatile interests, she has also undergone rigorous training in Modern Endodontics & Pediatric (child) Dentistry.

Dr Radha Deshpande Nair

Internationally Certified Aesthetic Dental Surgeon

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Dental discomforts can range from mild to excruciating! We fully understand this and can begin relieving your pain right away. Don’t struggle with the pain, call us immediately and get relief fast.

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We have lots of experience making dental trips fun and educational for younger patients as well.

Children always look forward to a trip to our dental clinic.

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A beautiful smile is a great way to break down barriers, build confidence and totally change your social and professional dynamics. We offer a full list of cosmetic dental services to give you the smile of your dreams.

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A missing tooth here and there cannot only be aesthetically unpleasing, it can make normal speech and chewing difficult as well. We offer dental implants as the first choice for replacing missing teeth.

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Radhaz Dental Clinic, Mumbai

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When it comes to the dental health care you choose for your family, only the most professional dentist, convenient services and comfortable atmosphere will do. At our first class dental facilities, you will be treated with the utmost care from our courteous staff when addressing all aspects of your dental needs.

Radhaz Dental is located right in Shivaji Park, Dadar – the heart of Mumbai city. Here you will find cutting-edge infrastructure in a soothing and relaxing environment. Our well-qualified staff is always at the ready to provide courteous service and support to our top-notch dentistry. We are proud of the excellent relationship we have with many of our valued patients. It is a symbol of our excellent service that younger patients who originally entered our care through their parents have chosen to return for our first-rate dental care and services years later.

Perfecting smiles is what we do and the improvements are far more than aesthetics alone. It boosts the confidence and enhances the quality of life in many other ways as well, these are the results we look for when we work with our valued patients. Even if they only have a little time in their busy schedules the results we provide are enduring.

Our superior results come from applying the most advanced technology dentistry has to offer. We offer a full range of dental services for the entire family – Radhaz Dental is the dental clinic for the patients who demand highest quality, care and comfort.

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Gulshan Shah, Mumbai

“Dr. Radha is extremely gentle and puts the patient at ease. Her aftercare is amazing and I highly recommend the Radhaz Dental Clinic.”

Rahul Roy (Actor), Mumbai

“I have been going to Dr. Radha for a couple of years now and she is an amazingly skilled dentist with a warm personality. Just how you would want your dentist to be!”

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FAQs About Radhaz Dental Treatment Options

The best idea is to take your child to the dentist by the time they cut their first tooth, but you don’t want to wait longer than their third birthday.

Plaque is a sticky white film that begins to collect on the surfaces of teeth. If this film is not regularly removed it can begin to harden into build-up on the teeth themselves – this is called calculus or tartar. If this is not taken care of regularly, tartar build up can result in a wide range of dental conditions including infections, gum disease and more. This is why a full-cleaning every annually or biannually is a good idea.

Once a tooth has been taken from its position, that position needs to be filled with a replacement. If not, the adjacent teeth will begin to reposition themselves to compensate the loss and this can lead to further dental issues. Gum loss and bone deterioration are two other conditions that can come from a pulled tooth. There are a few different options for those who have had their teeth pulled.

  • Removable denture
  • Fixed bridge
  • Dental Implant

There is no way to give an accurate estimation without a proper assessment of the individual’s dental conditions. Sometimes dental health can be vastly improved and brought to high standards in just a couple of visits. Other times, specific dental conditions must be treated with more advanced procedures and this can take time. If time is of the essence, you should speak with your dentist about your goals and needs and together come up with an individual solution that accomplishes this.

Generally, a dental implant treatment can be completed with two stages at the dental office. During the first stage you will have your condition examined with advanced equipment. You will also come up with a plan with your dentist to address your needs more precisely. Then there will be some necessary pre-surgery procedures the first stage of the implant surgery. This can take up to 7 days.

The next stage of the treatment will take place 3 months later. It takes this time for the implant to fully heal and integrate with the bone. Now is the time for reopening the implant site and attaching the abutments and other implant restorations. This portion of the task can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days.

Single Visit Treatment: Our expert dental surgeons also perform single visit dental implant surgeries. But it is important to understand that the jaw bone conditions have to be favourable to achieve long lasting results.

All the dentures we apply have been custom crafted from the highest grade materials to ensure their natural and lifelike appearance. Even the acrylic sections feature fibrous textures to mimic actual gum tissue. Furthermore, we offer our patients a variety of sizes, and shadings to ensure there is no difference between the replacement and the real deal. Count on us to go the extra mile to make sure the replacement tooth is perfect in function and appearance and will not affect your speech, eating or appearance in anyway.

Do you feel embarrassed to properly expose your teeth when you smile? Then you will definitely do better with a corrective treatment for your smile. Cosmetic surgery could be the option for you if you have crooked, missing, discoloured or spaced teeth. Visit AAAAAA, and find out more about the full line of dental services we offer for bringing you the smile of your dreams?

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